Kids and Family

Family-friendly policies have been part of the cultural tradition since 1840, when the first nurseries were established to help working families. To this day, a large number of free structures are in place to enable the reconciliation of work and family life.


France has a very extensive network of nurseries. If parents decide to do so, their children can be placed in all-day care just a few weeks after their birth. Some parents prefer a “part-time” place on certain days or only in the morning.


Virtually all children attend free preschool from the age of four, where they learn to develop language skills, social competencies, sporting prowess and are taught their first “academic subjects” in a playful environment.  Sozialverhalten, Sport und erste „schulische Lerninhalte“ vermittelt werden.

State-certified preschool and school teachers work in the nurseries and preschools, supported by “specialists for child and infant care”. 


There are other alternative care opportunities in addition to the nurseries and preschools, for instance child minders or private institutions with special programmes (bilingual care etc.).


Nurseries, preschools, child minders and private institutions are all strictly supervised by state regulators that ensure adherence to quality standards. The state even carries a lot of the costs for child minders.