Life and Living

France is an spacious country. That’s why detached homes tend to be the rule rather than the exception, at least outside the major urban centres. It is also quite common for French people to enter the property market at a younger age.



There is no doubt that medical specialists are high-income earners with considerable purchase power in French society.

Buying a house at favourable terms is therefore well within reach. Urban centres like Paris or the market for “villas with sea view” are an exception here, and the prices can certainly be astronomical.


France has a very large number of well-preserved, older buildings. So property buyers are often spoilt for choice between a modern newbuild or a refurbished, natural stone villa with an open fireplace.  Many medical specialists choose the latter option.


Spacious houses with gardens and swimming pools are certainly affordable, at least beyond the larger urban centres and the immediate coastal areas. Admirers of special properties who have the necessary "do-it-yourself skills" also discover former mills, stables and palaces.

The French value their European neighbours and secretly admire their reliability and organisational talent - even if they would not necessarily say so openly. European colleagues and their families are correspondingly well received.


Take note, though, that many French people have never lived abroad and cannot imagine what that really entails. So it is essential that you are willing to engage with the language and the culture. A basic command of the French language is absolutely imperative if you want to progress at work and in your personal life.