Culture and Leisure

France is deeply devoted to its historical and cultural legacy, in the major metropolitan centres and the other regions as well. In addition, the country boasts an immense geographic diversity for leisure pursuits.

“La Grande Nation” celebrates itself particularly in Paris of course, where there is an unparalleled range of cultural treasures. But the other cities and regions of France offer a rich variety of concerts, exhibitions, historical architecture and festivals as well.



The cultural diversity of the regions is among the most charming aspects. Indeed, the differences could hardly be bigger between down-to-earth Alsace, hospitable Basque country, sophisticated Paris and pristine Savoy. Even the French, who tend to spend their holidays in their home country, are constantly discovering new cultural peculiarities.


As a nation of wine, France has “a particular regional speciality” around almost every corner. And one thing is especially true of France: where there is good wine, there will be excellent food, magnificent hotels and a certain level of prosperity.