Tax and Finances

There are several tax advantages in France.

Reduction of your tax burden is a first example: a part from that there are several possibilities to reduce tax burden by declaring for example expenses for private home redevelopment, child care, domestic staff and cleaners.

Finally there is a very interesting tax saving model which is applied by a lot of medical specialists to build up a fortune in France: the “Loi Pinel”. Using this tax saving model one can get a significant reduction of annual taxes by renting a house or an apartment. Mostly it is possible to refinance the real estate completely with the tax savings and the rental income.


In addition there are several evident financial benefits in France. You can buy real estate at an attractive price compared to other European countries like Germany or the United Kingdom if you avoid to live in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon or on the coastal strip.


Furthermore the French populations’ average income is below the average income of other European countries like Germany or the United Kingdom: the purchasing power of a high-income medical specialist has therefore a positive impact.