Work and Profession

The demand for medical specialists in France is significant. And there are a number of benefits compared to foreign healthcare systems:


Families, friends and free time are always more important in France, where work has a considerably lower status than in other countries. This is particularly evident in the worktime arrangements and the positive working environment, in which hierarchy is kept to a minimum.

Many foreign medical specialists testify that the workload in France is noticeably lower. Overall, there is more liberty at work, as specialists employed in French hospitals remain largely independent within a “collegial system”. Acting as a kind of class prefect, a chief physician – or “médecin chef” – in each department represents the interests of the doctors in dealings with the hospital administration.

Salaries in France depend on professional experience and skilful negotiation. Foreign specialists can expect to earn more than they would on the job market in other countries.


Moreover, the greater purchase power (at least beyond the larger metropolitan regions of Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon) and the generous tax and social welfare systems put more money in the pockets of doctors.


Virtually all women in France are professionals, so the reconciliation of work and family life has been enshrined in the system for decades. Part-time work arrangements and family-friendly rosters are perfectly normal.